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Tung Oil Finish

Minwax®Tung  Oil Finish



  • Easy to maintain, it is the ideal protective finish for woods that have been refinished because it penetrates wood pores to restore vitality to dry, thirsty wood.
  • 木材具Minwax®桐油成品可以通过简单地将风衣的另一周期性地刷新。


应用工具: cloth or brush
Recoat: after 24 hours
干燥时间: 5-10 minutes prior to buffing
清理: mineral spirits or paint thinner following manufacturer’s safety instructions
覆盖范围: 125-150 sq. ft. per quart
外套: 2or 3
Recommended Uses: 家具,古董,木制品,橱柜,门,镶板,配件



警告!删除旧油漆砂光,刮或其他means may generate dust or fumes that contain lead. Exposure to lead dust or fumes may cause brain damage or other adverse health effects, especially in children or pregnant women. Controlling exposure to lead or other hazardous substances requires the use of proper protective equipment such as a properly fitted respirator (NIOSH approved) and proper containment and cleanup. For more information, call the National Lead Information Center at1-800-424-LEAD(in US) or contact your local health authority.


  1. 砂木材获得光滑,均匀的表面。与用矿物油精布浸沾除去所有灰尘。
  2. 应用Minwax®木器涂料染色™, if desired, following the label directions. Be sure the stain has completely dried before applying the finish.
  3. Wipe or brush on a generous coat of Minwax® Tung Oil. Apply in the direction of the grain.
  4. Let sit on wood for approximately 5-10 minutes, then buff evenly with a clean, lint-free cloth.
  5. 等待24小时,施加第二涂层。推荐两件衣服。
  6. 有关更多的光泽度,24小时后重复。
  7. 有关更多的光泽,适用Minwax®桐油完成的一件上衣,从以前的大衣应用24小时。随着Minwax®桐油就可以控制完成的亮度,因为表面的收益多与你申请每个涂层的光泽。注意:If buffing is difficult, recoat surface immediately and buff.

CLEANUP:Use mineral spirits or paint thinner following manufacturer's safety instructions.

覆盖范围:Approximately 125-150 square feet per quart.


危险:抹布、钢丝绒、其他浪费浸泡this product, and sanding residue may spontaneously catch fire if improperly discarded. Immediately place rags, steel wool, other waste soaked with this product, and sanding residue in a sealed, water-filled, metal container. Dispose of in accordance with local fire regulations.


内容COMBUSTIBLE.Keep away from heat and open flame.


FIRST AID:In case of eye contact, flush thoroughly with large amounts of water for 15 minutes and get medical attention. For skin contact, wash thoroughly with soap and water. In case of respiratory difficulty, provide fresh air and call physician. If swallowed, call Poison Control Center, hospital emergency room, or physician immediately.

DELAYED EFFECTS FROM LONG TERM OVEREXPOSURE.包含可引起永久性的脑和神经系统损伤的溶剂。故意滥用通过故意浓缩和吸入内容可以是有害的或致命的。

警告:This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.


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